Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Deliciousness!

Cheetah Pettiskirt A

Cheetah Pettiskirt B

Black with Turquoise Pettiskirt

Rainbow Fairy Wings
Tinkerbell Wings~$7
Tinkerbell Ballet Skirt~$12
Princess Crown
Zebra & Lime Pettiskirt

Zebra Wings~$7
Zebra & Hot Pink Pettiskirt $22

To place an order or for information on upcoming boutiques,
contact me at meghess80@yahoo.com


  1. OH. MY. GOSH!! I can't even get enough! We will definitely be needing some of that!

  2. I need to make an order for halloween. Scarlett is going to be tink and B is going to be Peter, so I need a tink skirt. Do you make custom ones? If so, how much? I want one like the tink skirt you have on here, but I want the edges like jagged, and maybe a few other changes. Can you call me if you have a second so we can talk bizness?? So excited about this! 9493509449


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